Quote of The Moment!

It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop
— Confucious

Just a Millennial with a blog 

Self centered, Narcissistic, Awkward and downright Crazy! Just Kidding!!!! Except for the awkward and crazy part, because we all are a little bit of those things don't you agree? I started this blog as a way of coping with depression, and it has turned  into quite a fun little project for me. Who knew the girl who was too scared to put pen and paper together, would now have a blog! Shoutout to all those awesome teachers who tried not to fail me even though I never did any papers! With that said I'm not your typical millennial (then again what defines a typical millennial) but you can see why and get to know more about me and my kooky sense of humor obviously by reading more of my blog.  I'm trying to learn to be more open with the world which includes trying new things such as leaving my house (lol you think I'm kidding... I'm not) which you will find in Adventure Time!!!  Beauty Reviews pretty much explains itself... because why not!  Meg Can Cook??  is all about learning how to cook mostly vegetarian dishes. I eat pescetarian for health reasons and am slowly moving towards the horrid controversial plant based diet (oh no not another tree hugger). Its An Animal House is you guessed it all about how the furry (and scaly, we don't discriminate) things run this house, You know if only they wern't so cute and cuddly I wouldnt keep bringing them home! I like gardening, I think more people should garden and get in touch with nature, but that could just be my treehugger ways so everything gardening is in Cool Kids Like Gardening because everyone knows cool kids do okay! Finally I really hate being broke!  Not going to lie life has given me quite a few lemons, but that doesn't mean I haven't made my fair share of lemonade stands. In We All Hate Being Broke I discuss dealing with creditors, paying off debt, and little things I have found to make a couple bucks to pay off a bill or two.  Now I'm no expert at life, I'm only an expert at really bad jokes and throwing glitter everywhere... and the occasional hug attack, but I hope if anything you can find some amusement in reading my blog posts and don't hate them too much.


Meg Elizabeth