Its Meg!

That's my name don't wear it out.. teehee

Obviously you are here because you want to know a little about me <3 Way too much to say on just this one page, but hey that's what a blogs for right? But here is the gist...Born and raised in Orange County, CA, USA I have always had a fascination with Beauty. I was actually a closet beauty freak for the longest time. Total tomboy, super shy and awkward, played sports with all the boys on the block and then came home and googled makeup and hairstyles so I could print it out and glue it in my little "Beauty Book" aka a spiral notebook with all my thoughts and ideas that I kept under my bed ever since I was 9. 

Looking back I guess the thing that started it all was growing up my mom had cancer since I was at the age of 6. She had one of the most beautiful hearts, but I saw how the chemo effected her body and her hair and could sense her discomfort and insecurities. As a child you do silly things to make "Mommy" feel better. And as I got older beauty became a way for me to express myself  in a positive ways. For someone suffering from depression that can be hard to find. When my mother passed away from cancer in 2009 that's when I knew I wanted a career in both beauty and health.

The health section of this blog was created after my doctors and I decided we should make a change in my diet. I say doctors because yes I do have multiple, I'm a Spoonie, Aka I am part of the percentage of the population that has 1 or more autoimmune diseases. Yay Hulk Immune system! So I will be posting healthy food as well as my journey to better health. <3 You are what you eat! 

Not only is my life focused on beauty and health, but there is a special little boy in my life who is definitely a huge part of this chapter in my life. I currently am a full time live in Nanny for one of my closest friends. And to be quite honest we really are more like a family... I really don't know what I would do without them. I am definitely very fortunate.

For now that is all, you can read more about me in my blog. Any questions or inquiries feel free to contact me.

Love Always


Meg Elizabeth