Park Bench Cafe


So we had a fantastic unforeseen event (that was sarcasm, a pipe broke and flooded our house) ... and had to leave our house all day with the dog, what the heck can you in OC that's dog friendly? We decided to give the dog beach a try, which was pretty fun! But playing at the beach you can work up quite the appetite! 


So obviously we needed to eat!! We had heard of dog restaurants  in Orange County but had never actually seen one. After a quick google search we found this place! Located in Huntington Beach Centeral Park, Park Bench Cafe not only serves human dishes but it has a full on dog menu! How cool is that! 

When we went it was so packed we had to be put on a waiting list, which wasn't too bad, we waited probably 20 minutes. They are located in a park so there is plenty of places to play and run around with your pup. And even some nice shady spots to sit and lay down.  We even found some guys using excercise equipment. Which is  pretty cool too! While trying to explore we found a little stream and a couple of trails. Unfortunately  Coco is pretty old and was pretty exhausted after playing at the beach so I really couldn't get her to explore very much before it was our turn to dine. 


So the food here was pretty decent, they don't  have many vegetarian dishes available for those who are vegetarian so I was a little bummed about that, but their onion rings were pretty darn good. I chose a Tuna Melt off the regular menu and Coco got a Wrangler Roundup (ground up turkey) which she chomped down very easily. Maybe it's the dog mom in me but what really got me was the drink station they have for the dogs with water bowls provided, I had never seen anything like that before. Obviously dogs aren't aloud on the tables because of health regulations  and a few other rules like you can't let your dog off the leash and they can't eat off your plate but that didn't seam to bother Coco or is very much.


There were alot of dogs there however, and your dog needs to be dog friendly, they dont tollerate any bullying here (human or animal) which is nice. Coco is not the most outgoing pup and is very protective of her humans but I was fairly impressed with how well she did. The staff was very understanding of her anxiety as well as mine and made sure to seat us farther away from the more crowded areas.. If you are a dog person who likes hamburgers (they are known for them) and haven't already checked this place out I'd say to try It, its super cute, and the staff are super nice! And the topper on the cake (for me at least) is they are a family owned and run establishment. 

Love it, hate it? Let me know down below :)




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