"There's bugs in the cats ears"

Ear mites Ear mites! Come get your ear mites!

Seriously though! Talk about disgusting! I know I briefly mentioned about Alice and her little bit of health problems in my recent Kitty Acne post. Well one of her wonderful health issues is ear mites. Unfortunately ear mites are very contagious between animals so treatment ensued for all four of the four legged family members in our house.

Symptoms of ear mites

  • Constant head shaking
  • Ear scratching
  • When you look inside the ears you can see gunk, usually red or brown in color 
  • Some people see dried blood or "coffee grounds"
  • Stinky ears
  • Whining (Alice doesn't really whine but some animals do)

So basically ear mites are horrible, and pretty painful, and stink (bad joke I know.) So how did we treat them?

Obviously you want to keep the ears clean for each animal, my favorite is using ear wipes such as Keli Anti-Itch Healthcare Pets Grooming Wet Wipes. They are cheap and work pretty well even when you aren't having ear mite problems (Coco, my dog loves getting her ears cleaned.) After cleaning the ears you need to put in ear mite drops, right now we are using Ear Cleaner for Dogs and Cats with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil & Vitamin E , this one is a little bit pricey roughly about $20. There are some cheaper alternatives but I personally will never skimp on animal care again after an incident a few years ago. So below I added some cheaper alternatives.


Its been about two weeks and we are still working on treating the animals, you have to be very consistent, as in every other day, unless the packaging says otherwise (we don't want to hurt the babies anymore. Coco (the dog) and Nala one of the other cats are cleared of ear mites for now, but Grim and Alice still are battling those pesky buggers. And let me tell you getting those two to let us put ear drops in their ears is hell!  

I hope this helps a little bit


Love Always 


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