Review: September Boxycharm

Lets go Glamping!!! So this month was pretty awesome, Boxycharm did an excellent job with the selections I received.


Included this month was:

  • Hikari Cosmetics- Eyeliner (Retail: $13)
    • to be honest I wasn't sure I was going to like this one, the tip is very small and its a twist up eyeliner and lets be honest this chick doesn't exactly have the best luck with things that break or smudge easy. Well this one was pretty good, its thin enough so you don't have to sharpen it into a point and its a great color. The formula is great as well, goes on smooth, doesn't pull the eyelids, and is the perfect consistency for creating a smoky eye look.
  • Studio Makeup-On The Go Pallet (Retail: $49.95)
    • Seriously just look at the price, this subscription pays for itself! So I'm a huge fan of pallets, especially since I'm going to school for beauty. In my mind you can never have too many. Studio Makeup is also a really good brand, It's very high quality and well made. Pigments on these babies are to die for!
  • PUR Cosmetics- Lip Lure (Retail: $22)
    • I'm not exactly sure what to call this, Lipstick? Lipgloss? It goes on like one of those twisty lip glosses but the consistency feels just like lipstick. Its not exactly my favorite to be quite honest, but that's just because I received a light brown color. To be honest browns, bronzes really anything in that category doesn't really look good on me. 
  • ButterLONDON- Trend Nail Lacquer (Retail: $15)
    • Again browns don't really go well with my skin tone, but 'It's Butter" like Gossip Girl says, can't get any better that that. Okay so I know they were referring to a restaurant not nail polish but really ButterLONDON is one of the best brands of nail polishes in my mind. It dries really fast and it doesn't chip. And I know its weird but its just shaped so perfectly!
  • Project Beauty Hairgurt-Smoothing Yogurt Hair Mask (Retail: $11)
    • This smells Phenomenal!!! Its literally the perfect mix of strawberries and banana, and not overpowering at all. To be honest I cant exactly give a fair review on this one because the night I tried this out I found lice in my hair(and everyone else in the house), a story for another day, but if anything this mask helped relieve some of the pain and itchiness I was feeling.


I subscribe to Boxycharm monthly. It is a pretty awesome deal, I pay about $22 monthly and very rarely do I get sample sizes of items. If you want to sign up too I've attached the link below.

Love Always


Meg Chapman