Erno Laszlo's #ThePowerOfTwo

Rubbing oil on your face and washing it off with a bar of soap... I had to see that. Thanks to the company Influenster I luckily had the opportunity to test out this two piece set by Erno Laszlo to test out for free . Yippy!! 

Before testing out this product I had never heard of this brand, I probably should have but higher end skin care hasn't always been my forte. Mr Laszlo (1897-1973) man behind the brand studied skin pathology and disease at Royal Hungarian Elisabeth University of Medical Sciences, and later opened the Erno Laszlo Institute for Scientific Cosmetology in Berlin 1927. He became the man to go to after treating both Actress Frida Gombaszoegi and Princess Stephanie of Belgium and later treating american actresses Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe. Kinda cool now that you think about it.

Now that you have heard a little bit of the backstory onto the review. I received the Hydrate and Nourish Double Cleansing Set, I have combination skin, sometimes its great, sometimes its acne prone, sometimes its dry and sometimes its all three so this set was actually perfect for me.  So how this product works is you gently massage the oil into your face, rinse the bar of soap in warm water and then rub the bar of soap onto your oil covered face. To be quite honest  at first I thought this was a gross concept because you are getting the bar of soap dirty (its soap I get it I know I'm weird) maybe its ocd, maybe its memories of my mom yelling at me saying bars of soap is unsanitary lol (she didn't really yell, she was just a germaphobe I promise.) I have used this every day at least once a day for the past 3 weeks. Almost immediately I  noticed an improvement in my skin, my skin felt very soft and smooth and it felt like any irritation I had went down (either from facial rashes or acne.) I still have a little bit of breakouts but it definitely has cleared out most of my pours and my skin seems a little brighter. The bar of soap still gets to me, the oil leaves a little residue on the bar and it is hard to rinse off, it feels like a waste of product when you rinse it off and the bar shrinks. You also need to be careful that the soap to oil ratio is just right otherwise your face will be a tad oily, which could just be a fluke on my end. The retail price for this is $28 online at and you can find it at retail stores such as Sephora.  I'm still not sure I'll purchase it in the future but overall I love it and it gets an B+

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Love Always