Herbal Essence with Bio and Renew

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So because I am a 🐝 Bzz Agent I receive complementary products to test out to write an unbiased review. Which is kinda cool seeing as I love trying new things.  

Recently I received some shampoo from Herbal Essance's new line "with bio:renew," now I haven't always been a huge Herbal Essence fan, I have been mostly neutral just because I haven't really been attracted to them, maybe it was the bottle shape, maybe it was how they advertise but they have always seemed very "commercial" to me. However I was excited to try this because it was flavored coconut (really anything flavored coconut has me giddy) and it was all advertised as all natural so I jumped at the opportunity to be apart of this campaign. 

So these are the things I do like about this shampoo and conditioner set:

  • My hair smelt amazing, and the smell stayed in my hair for quit a long time (even my fiance commented on it)
  • I could totally tell a difference in how soft my hair was after a few washes 
  • Its free of Colorants, Parabens, and Gluten, which can cause issues (lol knowing my immune system I try to stay away from them as much as I can)
  • Also I found for a moisturizing formula it didn't weigh my hair down like some other brands do.
  • It definitely helped with my hair tangle issues

 Some things that I don't exactly like

  • I didn't like the bottle, I know really silly but I just really dont like the shape, maybe its because I have baby hands, or maybe it was how the cap was... but I dont know I'm just weird.
  • I didn't find it as moisturizing as other brands I have tried 
  • Its probably not related but my dandruff did get worse after using this product
  • It claims to make hair more shiny but I didn't see much of a difference 

Animal testing=One thing that I know is important to some of my readers and is a touchy subject. None of Herbal Essence's final products are tested on animals, however P&G the Mother company does test on animals where required by law (countries such as China require animal testing on products before products are aloud to be sold to the public)  

So all in all I do like this product but I don't think I will be buying it in the future simply because of my dandruff issues. If you have tried it out please let me know what you think :) 

Love always



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