Banish acne skin care set

Good morning sunshine! So I was gifted this set to test out a couple months ago and wanted to wait to post my review until I could fully test it out and see if it really benefited my skin. Before I get into my review I want to tell you a bit about the company and why I was drawn to it. Banish was founded by a young entrepreneur named Daisy, and her company is based in Pasadena, California (I love local companies.) Daisy developed this company because like most of us, she grew up being teased about her acne and she actually did something about it. What drew me to her is her campaign "I am not my skin." To me this was a pretty big deal. I grew up very insecure, picked on quite a bit. I had braces, glasses, pants way higher than they should have been and of course acne. 


 So this company also manufactures and packages all the products same day as when you order it, which is pretty awesome. You don't really have to worry about it arriving and it's bad. They use all fresh ingredients and are pretty natural. Another reason to love her company is it works a lot with charities such as the Breast Cancer Reaserch Foundation (which is huge for me since my mother had Breast Cancer), Animal Friends Rescue Project (my sisters favorite charity) and School on Wheels (which is a pretty awesome organization.) So that alone would make me want to buy from a company to be quite honest.

So what did I test out from this awesome company? (I'm linking the products in case you guys want to check them out)


Unfortunately I did have a reaction to the Banisher... To be honest I was a tad worried I would. Lupus skin isn't always the easiest to manage, and tends to react in the most random ways. I ended up with a rash (normal for lupus) and my skin took about a week to heal. Now if you've read my blog before you know I'm pretty much a superfreek and it most likely isn't because of the Banisher, many people have awesome results with derma rollers I just wasn't that lucky. However the masks are to die for!!!

I swear I'm a facial queen, and I'm not over exaggerating when I say the pumpkin enzyme mask is probably my absolute favorite mask that I have ever tried. I usually put it on at night after work before bed and wake up with skin that is glowing. It does have a bit of a stinging to it, but if you are familiar with pumpkin enzyme masks they usually do have a kick to them. Another good thing about it is it smells good, but don't eat it even if it smells like pie. 

The charcoal clay mask was pretty good as well, I like to mix it with the elixir just to make it more powerful, plus I like the way it feels. The great thing about the clay mask is its very good at cleaning out your pores. Plus facials are fun period!


I absolutely love the Vitamin C Beauty Elixir. It smells great and it feels all nice and tingly! I usually use it when my skin feels tired before I put on my makeup or at night after my facial. To me honest it kinda reminds me of Melaleuca (growing up my mom was obsessed with that stuff)

Overall I really like the brand Banish, I am a little bummed that my skin is being silly and wish I could handle the Banisher better. But I'm very pleased with the facials and serums! I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking to get rid of acne or acne scars, or who just likes facials. Have you tried Banish? Let me know what you think 😋

Love Always




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