L'Oréal Ever Fresh Dandruff Trio

First let me disclose that I did receive this product complementary for testing purposes but this is my personal unbiased review <3 

So with Lupus and all the lovely medications I've taken with Lupus I sporadically get bouts of dandruff. You know the scalp itchiness, skin flakes that get on clothes, and the occasional scabs from scratching too much, talk about ouch! So let me tell you I'm the queen of dandruff shampoo and have tried everything under the sun, including Head and Shoulders, Selsun, and even straight up Tar shampoo (which by the way is one of my faves.)  So when I was asked to try a new type of dandruff shampoo I jumped on it! I'm always down to try new things.

So what was included in my three part system? I got:

  • Ever Fresh Micro-Exfoliating Scrub (with Apricot Seed) 
  • Indian Lilac Antidandruff Shampoo  
  • Indian Lilac Antidandruff Conditioner

Now most scalp treatments for Dandruff don't include scrubs or conditioners so I felt pretty fancy. Some of the cool features about it are the smell, it is paraben free, dye free, gluten free, it states on the bottle that it is vegan and the formula is not tested on animals. 

So the scrub was pretty great I have to say, but after a few days of using it it kinda just felt like an extra step. I ended up only using it every couple days because my hair is so long and really it just takes forever to wash the the apricot seed out of my hair.  The dandruff shampoo felt very similar to Head and Shoulders to be honest, but it smelled a lot better. As for the conditioner, it probably was my favorite part, like I said with most scalp treatments there isn't a matching shampoo, or it's a two in one so I was pretty happy to have something for the ends of my long hair. 

As for the claim of being flake free after a few times... well I wasn't quite so lucky, but lucky for me I'm Queen of Dandruff so spray a little vinegar on my scalp while I'm brushing it and TADA! So I guess it did work in conjunction with the vinegar water. 

All in I do like it, it is a pretty good price at Target so very consumer friendly, and they did a very good job on the design of the bottle. Also I do want to say a big thank you to Influenster and L'Oreal for letting me try out this product.

Love Always 



Please note: After being contacted by multiple people about cosmetic companies such as L'Oréal and their animal testing policies, I do think it is important to state that as a mommy to fur babies and an avid animal lover I do not condone animal testing in any way.

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