Project pan! Let the declutter start now

So first for those who don't know what project pan is let me elaborate, if you already do skip this part.  Most people who do project pan completely stop buying beauty products until the use a certain number of beauty products they have set aside or hit pan (the metal bottom part of the eyeshadow is what we call pan.) This is an awesome idea, seeing as I have an overload of beauty products that I just can't seam to  get rid of and I hate wasting products/letting products go bad. How I am doing it is I am still purchasing my monthly subscription boxes but I am trying not to buy anything except for the occasional outing with my Auntie... I mean Beautycon is right around the corner, how can I not go to Beautycon and not spend money! Also another kinda side reason I'm doing it, is I would like to switch to all cruelty free beauty products going forward but really don't want to be wasteful by just completely throwing all I have bought in the past  that isn't cruelty free away (it's kinda expensive to go that route) 


Now unfortunately I wasn't able to finish everything this week, so I will have to include them in next weeks project pan!

For this months project pan I included:

  1.  Revlons Revitalift Re-volumizing Serum and Cream (sample set) Now I loved the feel of this, my skin felt great and moisturized and I didn't have any issues with it bothering my face at all, which I was very supprised about. It smells really good too which is a plus! It was a little thick, I'm not sure why this surprised me but it did, but did not leave my skin feeling very heavy. Will I buy it? Probably not, they don't test on animals themselves but they do sell in China which does require 3rd party testing on animals for beauty products. Unfortunately this does conflict with my personal beliefs so I will probably look for an alternative. Which I am really bummed about because I really did love this product. 
  2.  Garnier Whole Blends Honey Treasures (sample set) Okay so this I absolutely love. I have purchased this before when it first came out and I forgot how great it smells, it's like a summer sunshine mixed with honey with butterfly kisses. It lathers quite a bit like most Garnier products,  and I'm not sure why but I have less of a problem with dry scalp issues, maybe it's that they use less chemicals that I react to than other brands *shrug* who knows, but I'm definitely not complaining. Will I buy this product again? First thought was yeah because I love the product! But once again after more research it does go against some of my personal beliefs. 
  3. La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Cream (sample size)  first impression was OMG THIS IS SO THICK! But it blended out really well, I was impressed. It did a very good job of covering redness caused by my lupus rash too which I was happy about. (Cheers all around) will I buy it, sadly no because of the same reasons I listed before. If anyone has any suggestions on another CC Creame I should try that is completely cruelty free let me know in the comments below.
  4. Biore Baking Soda Acne Scrub  (sample size) Honesty I did not like this at all, I felt like my skin was still dirty after I washed it, and I didn't like orange soapy smell. And overall it just felt funky.  Yeah.... no I'm sorry I wanted to like it but I just couldn't, I'm happy to be rid of it. 
  5. Trader Joe's Yang Lang Salt Body Scrub   : I Loved it! I wasn't thinking I would because my experience with sugar scrubs hasn't always been so good, maybe it's because it's a salt scrub that this was so awesome. It has a very relaxing smell, and the scrub part felt amazing. It didn't dissolve too fast so I got a good clean feel after I rinsed off and my skin felt so moisturized. Side note don't use this before you shave... it leaves a small moisturizing layer on your skin and your razor will pick it up (I made this mistake oopsies) will I buy this in the future! Heckkkk yeah! This stuff is awesome! 
  6. Fakeup Fix Concealer-  honesty I was very hyped for it, and maybe had too high of expectations. I didn't find it covered as much as I wanted which made me sad. It is a good quality product though it just was not the concealer for my skin type, I didn't finish this one and don't really plan to, I'll probably end up sending it to my sister with her next care package. (She's a Mormon missionary, the cool kids that ride on bikes and knock on doors) 

Everything else I still haven't finished, I'm kinda slow I know, I don't do my makeup everyday and I'm kinda a very forgetful person. Next week will be much better. Thanks for reading, cheers!