A couple tips for a healthy mouth- especially with lupus

Lets face it we all could be a little better about our teeth and oral health. Its especially important when you have autoimmune disorders such as Lupus. This is something I have struggled with for many years... my dentist can attest to this. See not only do I have problems with the PH in my mouth because of Lupus but I grew up a total teeth whitening addict... I know! I'm horrible! My fiance keeps joking saying his father is going to make me some dentures as a wedding gift (his dad is a dentist) LOL I swear my teeth aren't that bad I promise, so there will be no dentures for this chick. Just lots of extra TLC :)

So what can I (and you) do to create and continue to keep a healthy oral environment. Well obviously you have the normal brushing, flossing, mouthwash, dental visits, but what else? And is there something more natural?

Well these are some things I have tried out/Use on a daily basis:

  • Floss! Floss is an absolute must for dental and gum health and I definitely haven't been so good at flossing that's for sure. one thing that I have found that has made it wayyyy easier is the EZ flosses, Sometimes I can find some fun ones like this Star Wars Floss at the dollar store (I know I'm a total child) for those of you who don't like Fun Floss here is some regular EZ floss which I highly recommend.  Also another cool gadget I found to help floss Is the Waterpik which personally I think is pretty cool. I only have the version I linked but I'm debating on buying This one to test out next!
  • Coconut mouth wash! Okay so there really isn't much documentation about how it can actually help you. In theory if you take a tablespoon of coconut oil and swish it between your teeth for 5 minutes it helps balance ph, and detoxifies your body and helps stop cavity growth. Now I'm a science person, I need hard facts to actually believe such claims but I went ahead and tried this anyways. While I don't magically have perfect teeth and am purified of toxins, my teeth do feel cleaner for longer periods of time. The main reason I really like it is because I can use this time to meditate.
  • Xylitol mouth wash- I use this on and off since I was 19. Its one of the main things that has helped with dry mouth caused by my lupus. This is something that is both suggested by dentists and doctors alike. Its very easy to do, I mix half a teaspoon of dry xylitol into a shotglass of water. You can also find Xylitol candies but they can get pricey since it is a little hard to make. This is my favorite brand. Personally I think some brands taste better than others. I have been able to find it at Mothers Market, Sprouts and on  Amazon.
  • Brusha Brusha Brusha! I recently was given Sensodyne Deep Clean complementary by a company called Bzz Agent to test out which by the way I absolutely love. But lets face it Sensodyne in general has been a miracle worker for me, because of my massive amounts of teeth whitening and the damage to my teeth due to the Ph imbalance over the years I have this horrible sensitivity and I haven't found any other product that has worked better. 
  • Regular dental visits, this one I totally understand can be a major struggle, first of all they can get pricey if you don't have good insurance and if you need a lot of work done. And they can be a pain... Literally... Unfortunatley I had a dentist who really messed up a root canal which I am still paying for -____- So it is important to find a reputable dentist, that you feel safe and comfortable with (I mean you are basically paying them to drill holes in your mouth...you better feel safe) and they should be reasonably priced.
  • WATER! Lots of water! I'm a big fan of juice but juice can cause cavities, so substituting water is an awesome choice!

This is just kinda a short list of little things that can help with dental health. Anywho I hope you all are having a wonderful toofday (I think I'm hilarious) 

Love Always



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