My Absolute Faliure at my First Healthy Recipe

There are a couple reasons I started this blog, one being I enjoy baking, like ALOT! Now my type of baking isn't always the healthiest, we have my mother to blame for that. Lets just throw salted butter into everything... doesn't taste right? Add some sugar! Funny I know but my mom was actually really good at baking, just not in the healthiest ways. Also I have NO idea how to cook! (I know shocker 26 year old millennial not knowing life skills) You see My mom never cooked growing up, she had cancer most of my lifetime and was always too sick to cook. Well this is where the blog comes into play, recently my team of doctors and I agreed I should make a change in some of my eating habits. More Home cooked food, more juicing, less processed meals and ingredients. You are what you eat!! 

Okay so now onto the failure part, me being lazy me was looking for a quick recipe to make because 1. I was hungry and 2. I'm currently fighting a cold or whatever it is I'm sick with this week.  So I found one labeled healthy Rice Krispie energy balls. I should have realized they weren't even healthy in my standards with the amount of butter and sugar there was!


As you can see... Butter and sugar overload!

I blame delirium at this point. The recipe then said to cook until boiling, I assume to caramelize the sugar but instead I just got buttery sugar. After cooling, I added all the ingredients, Rice Krispies, Almonds, Chocolate, and let it set..... It Hardened Completely!

At this point I was panicking! I hate wasting food! Like its my biggest pet peeve!

My thoughts:  Lets heat it up, maybe add Coconut Oil! Oh bugger its too thin! Lets add some flax seed! .....Maybe Peanut butter? ....Something? Lets just sit and cry for a second! I hate being sick! This is stupid! ............ What if I add flour? See not to bad, Lets add some actual coconut! Ohhh More Rice Krispies? Yeahhhhh there we go! Seee i knew i could do it....

Definitely not my finest moment, a few meltdowns later and eventually I mixed enough to create these little balls and ended up rolling them in powdered sugar and coconut flakes...  Definitely not posting the recipe for this one I apologize... I don't even know how much of what I put in them... Although my roommate loves them so that's a plus! :)

Moral of the story, don't trust all the recipes you find on Pinterest, and you probably shouldn't try to cook while sick 😂


Love Always

Meg Chapman