Sweet as Pie

Please note I did receive this as a gift from Gigsavy in affiliation with ThoughtfullyCo for free but this review is my own.

Now that that's out of the way, let me tell you about this fun little present I received and the company behind it. 

My sweet gift

My sweet gift

I received this cute pie gift set the day before my birthday totally by coincidence, which was an awesome surprise. The packaging alone was super cute, with the cute little back story about pies, the Tiffany Blue bows, the colorful floral packaging, even the serving knife was embellished with "You have been served." Its very obvious every detail was thoroughly thought out. 

Here is what was included in this box:

  • PIE SPICE MIX (3oz)
  • PIE CRUST MIX (6oz)


It took about an hour to finish the pie, it was pretty easy since everything was prepackaged and provided except for the  perishables :apples, and butter. And it came with fairly easy directions. 


I've never made apple pie before i always though it would be pretty difficult so this was quite an experience for me. First thing I did was make the dough which for me was the hardest part (while making this I was having what my fiance likes to call "baby strength.") So it did take me a little bit longer to combine the dough with the hard butter. Smush Smush Smush that butter together Meg! After finally mixing it all I let the dough sit in the fridge for 30 min per the instructions and started working on the apples, peeling and slicing into small little bite sized yummy chunks, making sure not to include any skin or seeds because that would not be tasty. Included in the set was the sugar cinnamon mixture which I then poured over the apple slices and mixed to cover them. They put a generous amount of this sugar cinnamon mixture in the packet so you do need to watch how much you mix in which I failed to do (Lol I was a little too excited).  Rolling the dough was definitely my favorite part, I know I'm like a five year old... After putting dough on the bottom of the cooking dish which is provided in the set you place the apples and cover with more dough making sure you poke holes in the top to help with baking. And then you bake! Yippy! You are supposed to bake it for 30 minutes, but like most baking it depends on your oven and elevation, so I ended up baking mine 45 minutes. 

This definitely was a fun thing for me to do, and would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys baking and homemaking. It is a fairly good price for everything you receive (normal price is $69.99, it is currently on sale on their website for $48.99) Sweet As Pie isn't the only gift set they have though, they have a whole bunch of gift ideas for men and women including birthday sets, holiday sets, thank you gifts, and even housewarming ideas. If you have a chance check them out: Thoughtfully.com

Love always


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