Water check!

You know water is the most vital resource on this planet! Our world is 71 percent covered with water. We can't survive without it! And did you know dehydration will kill you faster than starvation. So why is it so hard to drink the right amount? Am I even drinking the right amount? How much should I drink if I want to loose weight? Am I drinking too much? And why is there so many mixed messages about how much water you can drink? 

These questions have been on my mind for quite a while. Having lupus and epilepsy means medications that cause even more dehydration. According to health authorities the 8x8 rule is the rule to stick by. That's about eight 8 oz glasses of water a day. However if you go by weight you are supposed to drink about half your body weight, because well your body is made of 60% water, so while doing reaserch this made a little more sense to me especially if you excercise and are a tad overweight like me. But how much is too much, well this ones kinda confusing for me but according to Athority Nutrition 5 gallons is probably a good place for a cutoff.

So after a lot of reading and talking to some doctors.  I made a major decision to increase my water intake dramatically, so how much water do I drink? I drink a whopping 120 oz a day!!!! I know it's a lot! It's really hard to do to be honest, I have a horrible memory, but it helps that I keep my water bottle close by at all times. I bloated like crazy the first week and gained about 10lbs and honestly I was wondering if it was really worth it. But I continued, I still have to go to the little ladies room every 30 minutes... I have a tiny bladder. But you know what, I've been noticing a change...


I normally take my seizure meds at night time, and they can be super dehydrating. Before I started this I would sometimes wake up really really nauseous because of the side effects of this medicine and not be able to go back to sleep. Now I don't have as many problems with nausea unless I'm having an extreme lupus flare. Another thing I noticed is my seizures seemed to be a lot less noticeable when they happened. The swelling in my hands went down dramatically... actually the swelling in most of my joints have been going down dramatically. Now my skin didn't magically get acne free, I know that happens with a lot of people but maybe with more time mine will? Unfortunately I still have bald patches (thanks hulk immune system lol)  but honestly I wasn't expecting it to fix my hair issues.  I'm not down any weight yet but that's okay, I need to be patient with myself on that. It's only been a month. 

On a little side tangent if you are joining me on this little Water extravaganza I suggest flavoring your water with strawberries or lemons and mint if you don't like plain water. Also I find it much easier to drink room temperature water vs cold water. Sometimes I substitute green tea for water too. Anyways I hope those help you too!  

Love Always



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