Update on my life

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry I have been MIA the past little bit, I have had a few health issues, not to mention wedding planning is driving me insane, and of course busy season for retail! 

So the past two months have been really hard physically. Unfortunately my awesome immune system decided to remind me how awesome it can get. Thank goodness I have some pretty sweet doctors who are very knowledgeable and understanding.  After talking with my rhumetologist we decided to try something new for my pain regime which is actually working wonderfully (knock on wood that it stays that way.. no seriously knock on that wood.) Most of you probably don't know but I am Brca positive which does mean I have a hereditary link to breast and ovarian cancer. I've been putting off seeing the doctor for years out of fear and I am proud to say I finally went in fo my first check up. Everything seems fine but of course we still have to do tests and I have to see her again in January (Eeeek -___-) 

My checkup with Doctor Brain didn't go as well as the others though... I kinda had a feeling it wouldn't. She is way brilliant it's not her it's just my silly brain -__- I have a type of epilepsy which includes Petit-mal seizures. Normally you can't tell I'm having them it just looks like I'm spacing out or being a scatter brain. Lately though things have been off, and they have been happening a lot more lately, so much so that I have been advised that driving shouldn't be done unless it's necessary and not to be done when I feel spacy. I mean I barely drive as it is so I totally agree with the doctor I've just never had one tell me that before so it is a little scary. So please keep your fingers crossed for me as we are trying something new and hopefully everything will be under control soon! 


So a little bit of a funny story... I ended up in urgent care... thanks to makeup. Okay a little less funny a little more pain, I was getting ready for work, I work nights usually at a retail clothing store for older women and me being me doing my makeup after messing up my eyebrows gets up to fix them really fast and trips over the cat, then the dog and then twists my knee... it takes serious skill to be that cool. (I'm cringing writing this) But hey at least the urgent care nurse was really cute and the doctor didn't laugh too much. My soul sister Jen played Mom while I was on crutches not letting me get out of bed or anything. I swear I don't know what I would do without her. 


No this isn't my wedding ring ๐Ÿ’ ย 

No this isn't my wedding ring ๐Ÿ’ ย 

Now to dish on the wedding planning ๐Ÿ˜œ 

My fiancรฉ Anas is soooooo incredibly picky... he definitely has a lot more taste than I do that is for sure, and as for the wedding he wants everything to be absolutely perfect especially the ring. It's actually really cute I kinda love it. We finally agreed on a date!!! Which really is a relief! Spring wedding here we come! And he has it in his head we are going to do a camping wedding, I'm pretty sure he is pulling my leg but he keeps saying he's serious. Either way I'm all for a small national forest wedding... but camping is probably where I will have to draw the line lol. Needless to say our wedding will be unconventional, my whole family is Mormon and his family is Muslim. Haha he says I worry too much about pleasing everyone but honestly I think every bride does.

Anyways it is busy season at work and I have to schedule my Lyft (which by the way is the coolest thing ever!!!)  I'm sorry this is so short, I hope everyone has a great week filled with lots of love, well wishes, holiday cheer, and of course glitter! 

Love always  


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