Meg hates asthma!

Oh my gosh! Can I just vent for a second and say how much I absolutely hate asthma! It's like the worst feeling in the world, kinda like someone has their hands wrapped around your chest and is squeezing just enough to make it super uncomfortable and you feel like you are slowly going to choke to death!!!  

Maybe that sounds a little dramatic but to many people it's a reality. Growing up I had very few issues with asthma unless I was around dust (ridiculous allergies to dust and mold, the only things I'm allergic to besides life... jk but you get the point: dust and mold=slow pitiful death.) My brother and my sister both had crazy bad asthma growing up so mine was like meh, never thought much of it until I became an adult. Unfortunately that's actually when my asthma started getting worse (I swear my siblings were plotting against me to give me theirs...they no longer have very many symptoms.) Thank goodness I have a roommate that understands, because she too has it pretty bad. We make a fantastic pair really, inhaler in one hand and nebulizer in the other.  Very healthy indeed haha. So the real question is what do I do on days like this morning where I'm awaken at 4 am to that gosh awful choking feeling?

No really don't take all the drugs  

No really don't take all the drugs  

Well first I have to figure out is it inhaler worthy or breathing machine worthy because using both will make anyone feel like crud, including this superwoman. This morning I made the mistake of misunderstanding how bad my breathing was (apparently I like to think I'm less sick then I really am sometimes or something *shrugs* so inhaler then machine I went... I know not the smartest I blame lack of brain cells from suffocating in my sleep. Then you know what my next trick is? I make myself some tea and suck on some cough drops, honestly this has worked for I don't know how long. I got this believe it or not from a friend who had developed lung issues due to smoking some not so good things, he informed me cough drops are an excellent way to open the lungs in desperate times. And honestly it's true, I mean you use them for when you are sick and can't breathe why not when you have asthma. Obviously you can't eat them like candy because they will make you insanely nauseous (yes I have made this wonderful mistake... learn from Megs stupid mistakes please) 

What else can you do when you are having asthma?

  • Make sure your place is free of dust, that's almost the number 1 cause of asthma attacks  
  • Take it slow, don't make your lungs even more angry and start trying to be a super hero again when you start feeling better, you need to regain all those super powers ;) 
  • Try to get some fresh air (unless the pollen count is too high and you are allergic)
  • Showers sometimes help open the air passage ways making it way easier to breathe (eucalyptus, or mint in the shower would definitely benefit you) 
  • Work on breathing excercises, I find this helps my anxiety when I start to panic before the breathing treatment fully kicks in
  • Avoid stressors... no really your health is more important people need to understand that, avoid things that will cause anxiety or more inflammation  
  • Sometimes stretching chest muscles like yoga helps avoid attacks (it's also good for your overall health)
  • QUIT SMOKING! Okay that's kinda an obvious one, but it's a biggie, inhaling smoke is irritating almost worse than other things like mold or dust or people who don't use their turn signal or do California rolls at stop signs, talk about deadly.

Of course if your asthma isn't controlled or you are developing new symptoms please see a doctor. You can't put a price on health. I hope you all have an easy breathing day full of lots of adventures and joy (and a dash of glitter teehee)

Love Always


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