Why I decided to change to a (mostly) Plant Based Diet

Plant based diet huh? You mean rabbit food? But where is all your protein?! Youre going to loose so much weight... you're going to die! Oh no you are a liberal... save the wales Meg. Haha Those are some of the funny things I have heard people say when they hear about me going on a plant based diet. Its funny how the stigmas roll through just by hearing vegan or vegetarian. Being an animal lover I will admit I first decided to go on a plant based diet after watching a documentary on the mistreatment of animals. Obviously I had to do a bit of research to see if it was healthy, which unfortunately there is a lot of mixed messages. So since the internet really isn't a place for medical advise I asked my doctor... gave her my concerns and she being an animal lover too understood and surprisingly enough she said to go for it.. well actually she gave me the go ahead for changing my diet to vegetarian+fish diet until I could fully do a change to plant based diet (she didn't want my body to go into shock which I totally understand.) So with the go ahead I tried it out and guess what happened...?!?!?! My lupus symptoms and the amount of seizures I was having went down pretty dramatically.  I even stopped taking my pain medication for my arthritis on a daily basis.

At first my fiance was not so happy about this idea, and of course didn't believe me when I said I was feeling better on this diet... so to prove to him that I react to meat we went to Korean BBQ for Christmas Dinner and instantly I started swelling, we then went to the movies and after about 30 minutes of sitting I actually needed my pain med's I was in so much pain, I immediately jumped back into a flare. He was pretty shocked, I guess it is true you are what you eat (from a nutritional standpoint that is). Since then he has been pretty supportive of this "rabbit food"  idea.

So obviously I'm a horrible cook and am trying to learn. so what does my (mostly) plant based diet consist of? At this time mostly fruits and vegetables, grains, beans, oats and the occasional chicken stock until I run out and can buy vegetable stock, and every so often fish. Im trying to avoid animal products as much as possible but do realize that it will be hard since I do have a lot of family that eats meat and of course would not want to offend them. How long do I plan on sticking with this? Hopefully forever, with the possibility of becoming a vegan in the future after realizing how much my body loves it. I know not everyone may agree with this, but I hope we all can at least respect that my health is the most important thing right now. Anyways that's it for now sunshine <3

Listen to your body, Love your body... and your body will love you. 

Love always


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