20 things you probably didn't know about me

Hi I'm Meghan, Meg for short, I run this lovely blog and recently decided to revamp it, so as part of this little remodel I'll start this section of the blog with some interesting facts about who I am so you can get to know me a bit more.

  1. I am from Orange County California born and raised, which sadly there isn't very many Orange groves here anymore
  2. I have this awesome hulk immune system that sometimes makes me sick (yay lupus and autoimmune)
  3. I don't drive because I'm terrified of car accidents, kinda silly I know, but heyyyy I can walk everywhere!  Get those steps in meg build that muscle! 
  4. If I can go anywhere in the world I would probably go to Greece  because I've always wanteded to see the ancient ruins, to be honest I've always wanted to see the ancient city of Palmyra but for obvious reasons it's definitely not feasible at the moment.   
  5. My favorite place I've ever been has been Hawaii, because duhhh! It's Hawaii and honestly I haven't seen many places in the world yet.
  6. if I could go back in time to meet one person in history it would be Harriet Tubman because let's face it she's definitely a boss babe, and knew how to get stuff done when it needed to be. And I admire her so incredibly much. 
  7. I am a Pescetarian for health reasons but really don't enjoy eating meat so I avoid it as much as possible #plantlife
  8. I have a chihuahua pit bull mix... and she is the best dog ever, I'm sorry but my dog is way cooler than yours.  ( just kidding I'm sure you have a pretty awesome dog too) she was found in a dumpster as a puppy and has been nothing but love since the day she was given to me.
  9. I live with one of my best friends whom scared the crap out of me in high school... no joke she was like total goth chick and then you have preppy Meg over here. I swear I thought she was going to beet me up, but turns out we had a lot in common and are super close. Funny how the universe brings people together.
  10. I grew up Mormon lol and boy do I have my fair share of efy, girls camp, and Mormon dance stories to go around lol
  11. Honestly I'm the worst cook on this planet... 
  12. but that's okay because I'm engaged to a handsome man named Anas who loves to cook
  13. He's also really good at it
  14. I have couch surfed way too much for one lifetime... it was fun, but I don't think I ever want to do it again
  15. I wear glasses, and I've been too lazy recently to make an eye dr appointment to get my contacts again... I know I'm a horrible lazy millennial what is this world coming to
  16. The wedge is my favorite Beach of all time, it's my favorite place to go when I'm having a bad day
  17. My sister is currently on her lds mission in Navoo Illinois, and she is just the darndest thing and loves every second of being in it, and I'm happy she is happy and proud of her for working so hard to save up money for it
  18. I have a sad unfortunate addiction to coffee...I live for it, I breathe it, I even dreamt about it last night
  19. I am petrified of spiders, I hate them, like I hate them so much, they are like mutants and make my skin crawl, they definitely are not welcome in my home 
  20. And my comfort food is chocolate chip cookies and orange juice, super freek I know. 

so there we go, a little about me for now. I'm off to bed because my last episode of Bones is over (Netflix and chill?) and I'm exhausted. I'm doing a 30 days of blogging challenge so hopefully I don't butcher my articles too much (I can be inpatient.) Anywho I hope you all have a lovely morning, day, evening or whenever you read this.  

Love always



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