A letter to Coco

My dearest Coco

AKA Dumb Dog!  or Pretty Girl, My Princess!

Words cannot describe how much I love your stubborn little chihuahua/pitty butt. You were brought to me at a time I thought my life was falling apart. My mom had just passed away and everyone thought I needed a companion. I remember the first night in your new home you were so nervous and small, I don't blame you, life wasn't that easy for you either. When I heard you were found in the dumpster my heart broke. How could someone do that to a helpless puppy, you were just a baby, it's so heartless. I remember promising you I would always do the best for you no matter what.

 Do you remember the first time you warmed up to my dad, he was so ready to give you away because you kept barking at him and would get so upset if he hugged me. I know you are always wary of people. But Christmas Eve you climbed up on his lap and gave him kisses. I think you made him cry that day. Funny how small things like that can get to a human. You probably could sense how hard this Christmas was for us, it was the first one without Mom.

Do you remember all the cute outfits I used to put you in, you were so cute. You hated them so much but still put up with them. Playtime has always been one of our favorite pastimes. You learned so many tricks like how to dance, beg, and even speak. We even went on the best hikes, over at Peters Canyon. Man you would sniff everything, and I swear you would make them last twice as long on purpose. But you knew I needed it mSome nights my depression was so bad I would just cry and cry and you would just sit there and lick the tears away. You always knew what to do. 

Do you remember when we moved out for the first time. I know that was definitely a hard move for you. That place was not good for either of us. But we made it through, it was definitely an adjustment on both our parts. I remember how mad you used to get when I would leave for work, you would leave me "presents" right where I could see them, you would knock furniture over and with your little body you would pull all the blankets off my bed and put it in the water bowl. I was always amazed at how you could do all that in only a few short hours. 

I wish I would have been more attentive. I remember when you got so sick  that one time you wouldn't eat for days, you had sores everywhere. I didn't know what was wrong so I took all the money and change I had and took you to the vet. They told me what was going on and I didn't have the money for the treatment. The vet tech took pity on us and made sure we could get your medicine. We got lucky that day.

I remember the day I said goodbye for now. I sobbed for hours, I felt so guilty but I knew it's what was safer for you. You didn't understand, and you were so sad. You were my baby, we had been inseparable for years, through the good and the bad, we were two peas in a pod yet I was dropping you off with someone you didn't know. I understand why you were so hurt and angry, I would have been too. But a different house every night would not have been safe for you. You were my first priority.

Do you remember the day I moved back in with you and Jen? I was so happy to see you, but you did not know how to react. It was okay I understood the distrust, you didn't want to get attached if I was going to leave again. 

You are getting old now Coco, you can barely see, your hearing is going, and you can't walk as far anymore. Coco you are even going gray. But I'm here just like you were for me. And I will continue to be until the end. I've never loved anything the way I love you. I promise to spoil you rotten, cuddle you daily and love you indefinitely. You are my baby, and forever will be. 

I love you always and forever 


Meg ChapmanComment